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You ready to dig into your soul?! Oh yeah, finding meaning in everything is how you roll, you’re all about your best friend or your inner animal/being/soul/you get the picture. Your humor is extremely playful, so much so your friends aren’t sure what to do with you sometimes. There are many things you like to do for fun but chilling with your pet tops them all, whether that be just netflix and chillin’ or hitting up the dog park, maybe even go on an adventure.

People say you are ‘oh, so caring’ and that you usually put everyone else’s needs before yourself. As for attire you are very casual, even on Sunday’s you are in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or yoga pants and a tee. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, we all need to wind down and take a moment to ourselves every now and then to recoupe for the week ahead.

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