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  • #voiceoftheweb

Introducing #VOICEOFTHEWEB an exclusive collection by JAECI and Influential Leaders that are one-of-a-kind. Our generation is known for having a following. At JAECI we are looking to influence that following by sharing not only our story but the stories of others so they can lead their audience to higher ground. How does it all work? Well, we are hand selecting exclusive leaders throughout the year, some of which are listed below.

At JAECI we want you to share your story with us by using #VOICEOFTHEWEB with your necklace. Together we can create a community that brings awareness from a younger generation and a voice as well that will provide for these organizations around the world. 

% of proceeds of each necklace will give back to a charity chosen from the Influential Leaders in order to bring awareness.

Read More about #VOICEOFTHEWEB and see a video of our Story!

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