The Original Secret of Creative Designers and Brands!

Have any of you ever dreamt of being able to work when you want and where you want? 

Did you know as a designer / artist / creative you can work from your home, a café, your friends house the beach – wherever you want! And get paid to do it!

Let me share a quick story because I've been at this creative jewelry making and branding for 8 years now...

I’ve opened a store front, closed a store front, hired employees, fired employees, brought on an investor, bought out an investor, created a line, sold a line – I’ve been through it all – (well not all of it) but a lot and now my goal is to educate you!

My designs have been sold in over 1500 plus stores and I've has done custom work for Buckle, Taco Bell, Fedex, Spencers, Box Lunch, Scheels, music artist Andy Grammer, Virgin Megastores, the band American Authors, Wildfang, the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas and many more. My passion for education has brought me to now inspire and share y experiences. I've attended trade-shows all around the US for the past 6 years and I know what it takes to go from a fun hobby to a scalable brand.

At first I started working in the corporate world and although I was still in the creative industry, I hated having someone control where I needed to be and when I needed to be there. I wanted my own freedom.

My dream was to create something on my own that would support me without having to work a regular 9-5pm job.

I tried lots of different outlets:

- Selling my jewelry online

- Going to art / local / markets and setting up a booth

- I called boutiques

- Traveled door to door to make store visits

- Paid for social media advertising

And many more time consuming things!


I would get a couple small orders online here and there.

Then nothing for a couple weeks - it was really frustrating!

I felt like again I was working constantly and not now enjoying what I was doing. All my creativity was leaving me.

I had all these amazing designs I had originally made and did not know what to do with them - but that's when I realized the so-called "secret" to creating a brand!

It wasn't visiting stores, doing more Instagram posts or even calling all these boutiques.

Instead, it was narrowing in on what I was created to do...

It was me understanding how to ATTRACT buyers rather than chase them down!

After this break through I wasn't sure how to implement my idea.

So, I decided to create a full blown design plan to figure out how brands, showrooms, and boutiques are attracting their buyers.

After lots of trials and errors, and testing.. I completed this project I call the "Buyer Attraction Plan."

Suddenly, everything changed. 

I was designing more than ever and getting into new boutiques daily!

Within 90 days my designs were now being showcased in more boutiques than I had in the past 3 years before..and my income went up as well!

I did it! I figured out how to attract buyers and design a scalable brand.


If you are reading this I know you are probably just like me.. 

Sure you want to start creating cool stuff and make enough money to replace your current income – however the best benefit is the freedom you will receive.

You can also work whenever you want, for all those night owls out there like me!

That is why I continue to create and live a designer lifestyle. 

Of course there are other benefits as well like getting pretty much everything from furniture to clothes at wholesale prices, if not free. You will have the ability to start building amazing relationships with other creative people, traveling the world and seeing new places. In addition, taking care of your health by having more quality time to cook and spending countless hours with family and friends.


Most importantly, you’ll have the freedom to spend your day being creative and doing work you love so much it doesn’t feel like work.


My guess is if you’re a creative then that is probably the same lifestyle for you – right?

Someone who recognizes the opportunity for regular people to turn hobbies into expandable product based brands.

And you want a simple way to grow and monetize your brand.

What I just outlined is the EXACT method I’ve used to build my brand to be showcased in over 1,500 stores…

And in the process create a six-plus figure dollar a year lifestyle where I get to live the life the way I want to.

You’ve already seen how attracting wholesale clients is the BEST way to grow a huge creative brand.

And today, you have the chance to grab the exact ‘Buyer Attraction Plan’ Method that shows you how.

This method is part of the brand new one-on-one custom training program called




Wholesale Accelerator is the complete step-by-step Tradeshow Attraction Method to rapidly grow and monetize your brand.

What you’re about to learn has NOTHING to do with tactics, gimmicks or any other crap that don’t work. 

We will be focusing on real wholesale strategies so you can finally stand out and grow an authentic customer base.

This is a completely NEW way to build a personal brand and design empire, even if you’re starting from scratch!
So if you want to design full time, have ability to work from wherever, wake up when you want to, and have a system for a repeating buyer base
Then wholesale accelerator is specifically for you!




Week 1: Success Brand Formula (A $399 VALUE)

I show you how to launch a new Brand / Collection or how to make a few small changes to an existing brand that will set you up for massive growth


You’ll be able to start applying these strategies IMMEDIATELY. So you can start growing your brand today if you want too.


Week 2: Product Masterclass (A $399 VALUE)

I teach you how to make your products stand out in a saturated market with cost structure and sourcing of products.

By the end of this week you’ll know exactly how to market your products to attract your ‘ideal buyer.’


Week 3: Ultimate Execution plan for your Collection  (A $399 VALUE)

You’ll learn how to become an expert product creator by designing collections that attract and grow your brand strategically - without it being too overwhelming.

You will get step-by-step ‘product framework’ for line sheets and costing of goods. This is my secret weapon to creating a product that sells at lightning speed and gets re-orders from buyers!


Week 4: Step-By-Step Packaging Course (A $399 VALUE)

You’re getting specific product strategies to grow your brand in a way that attracts more boutiques… (Therefore, you don’t have to go into stores and pitch them -they’ll come to you!)

I’ll walk you through the exact process on how to order samples, send TOP samples, take pictures of products, offer packages & bundle discounts!


Week 5: Must Have’s for Creating a Booth Buyers want to stop in  (A $399 VALUE)

My best kept secret for getting people to stop at your booth instantly (just using signage) 

My complete file of my best ever booth designs (feel free to copy and model after them!)

If building a brand empire is your goal - this is a game changer!

(TOTAL VALUE: $1,997)


PLUS, You’re ALSO Getting…




Week 6: How to Wholesale Online: Part 1  (A $597 VALUE)

This is about how to monetize your customer list. The good news? it works even if you have a small following. And i’ll show you exactly how to do it!

But i’m not just going to ‘show you’ how to do it.. i’m also going to give you templates with copy and paste scripts that have been proven to convert!

What’s awesome is they work for ANY product and service. It’s a transformational strategy that i’m excited to show you how to do it.



Week 7: How to Wholesale Online: Part 2

Buyer’s Mindset Masterclass (A $597 VALUE)

Here I will show you simple tips, tricks and hacks for connecting with buyers and how to follow up. You will learn exactly what trade shows to apply for and have access to word-for-word scripts for calling and emailing buyers!

You’ll also learn how to maximize your time spent on boutiques each day to get BETTER and FASTER results!



Week 8: Call to Action, Getting Buyers to pull the Trigger (A $1000 VALUE)

Exactly what apps and verbiage to use for store visits and how to get the most out of your call or meeting appointments

How to sound professional and come off as a serious and legit brand; even though you may be working out of your garage (been there!)

On-Site Store visits with me and live calls, introduction to buyers & showrooms I work with.



I’m limiting the number of people I let in because I’ve decided to keep the Wholesale Accelerator Program small and focused.

This way i’ll be able to answer your questions better and give you dedicated time and attention.




I know you all have been grinding away at shows, watching other people’s brands.

You’ve attended webinars, bought business courses and tried it all - but still aren’t where you want to be!

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still feeling stuck - I know how you feel because I did all this stuff too.

What I want you to know, is my name is Jenna and I am your friend and within the first 10 minutes of us sitting down you’ll know if this is right for you or not.

I don’t want you to feel rushed that’s why you’re 100% protected by my 

I’M AMAZED or 100% Money Back Guarantee

What does that mean?

You have two full months to go through the entire program. 

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the results just let me know and I’ll immediately give you a refund.

I’m that confident I can get your brand into boutiques and you into trade shows.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


RECAP: Here’s what you get in Wholesale Accelerator

  • The complete Wholesale Accelerator Custom Program ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: How to Wholesale Online Part 1 ($597 Value)
  • BONUS #2: How to Wholesale Online Part 2 ($597 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Call to Action, Getting Buyers to Pull the Trigger ($1000 Value)
  • That’s $4,191 in FREE gifts just for enrolling today




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