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Pre-sale Item date expected to ship July, 16th 2018 

@brinamberlee collection is a life-changing journey inspiring individuals through jewelry, as a collaboration between JAECI and Brinamberlee.  Brought about from Brin’s shift in going vegan, her transforming story is about bringing awareness and starting a conversation about what is happening to the animals in todays society. We are what we eat and food is body fuel, however there is no awareness in how food is made and whom it is made from nor what is happening to these animals. Believing that each living creature has value and deserves to live free of suffering and exploitation, @brinamberlee Collection brings attention to the wearer’s compassion for encouraging more humane and compassionate behaviors towards farmed and companion animals. This collection centrally builds on the JAECI brand story - to inspire people to stay true to themselves, believe in their dreams and start embracing their journey. A of proceeds will give back to Sunrise Sanctuary.

We Need Your Help:

Share a picture wearing this jewelry on your social media and hashtag #jaeci #voiceoftheweb -- together we can make an impact and remember that life is about living and helping others.

Stainless Steel, 14" chain with 3" adjustable clasp, lead, and nickel




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