Delicate Good Vibes Necklace

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Don’t let people drain you of your energy and let your good vibes flourish because that's all that matters.

Necklace that is cut out with phrase GOOD VIBES
This necklace proceeds are being 100% donated to #goodvibetribe for Kaidra Froelich whom was diagnosed with a tumor on her brain stem. Read her story below and show your support with this necklace to help give back! We love you Kaid!


#goodvibetribe My name is Kaidra Froelich and I am 29 years old. I am a wife to Dusty, mother of two beautiful little girls & two sweet fur babies. I am a daughter, sister, grand daughter, cousin, aunt, family member and friend to many. I'm looking for my Facebook family to be a part of my Good Vibe Tribe. I'm a mother, I have instincts and feelings when things aren't right. I always believe I'm right too (duh)💁😂. I started feeling numb in my face two weeks ago and last week it moved down the right side of my body. It is numbness like when you come off of novocaine and are chewing your cheek, you can feel but not as much as the left side. I went into the doctor Tuesday where they did a blood test (which came back normal) and set me up for an MRI. I talked with my doctor about the possibility of having MS or a possible tumor pushing on my right nerves. MRI was Friday early morning and I received a call from my doctor to come in a couple hours later. I was diagnosed on Friday with a cancerous tumor in my brain stem. My doctor set up my appointments at Mayo and I have my first appointment with my neurosurgeon tomorrow, Monday at 3:30 in the afternoon. I am enjoying my time with my family and look forward to the consultation and more tests to be done. I'm ready for this tumor to get OUT! I am way to stubborn and strong willed to let cancer take me away from my family and this world. I AM HERE TO STAY, I will be loving my husband cuddling my babies spending time with family and friends and seeing all my students come August... I promise. I am asking for many to add to my good vibe tribe. With positivity and prayer anything I want can be done. 

Stainless Steel  14K Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated | 16 Chain with 2 Adjustable Clasp