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Daddy Crawf - Feed the Good Wolf

@daddy_crawf collection is a soulful adventure inspiring individuals through jewelry, as a collaboration between JAECI and Daddy Crawf. The idea was conceived from Matt’s incredible story about trusting his struggle, embracing the hard times and being vulnerable. Which in turn allows others to face their reality and realize they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. Much like hunting in a forest, the @daddy_crawf Collection brings attention to the wearer’s desire for embarking on a scary journey that at times may be frustrating and stressful but in the long haul knowing there is food to be found. This collection centrally builds on the JAECI brand story - to inspire people to stay true to themselves, believe in their dreams and start embracing their journey. % of proceeds will give back to Human Rights Campaign.

We Need Your Help:

Share a picture wearing this jewelry on your social media and hashtag #jaeci #voiceoftheweb -- together we can make an impact and remember that life is about living and helping others.

Stainless Steel, 32" chain, lead, and nickel free.


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