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Lucas Dell - Protect Your Heart

The collection is a reflectional journey inspiring individuals through jewelry, as a collaboration between JAECI and Lucas Dell.  The idea was conceived from Lucas’ incredible story about him letting go of what others thought by diving deep into his heart so he could awaken his values and what he truly stands for. Which in turn allows him to focus on those he loves whom may be struggling through a certain season in their life however by him showing up and being authentic he realized we can love deeper, allowing us to help others.  Much like a trees roots, the Collection brings attention to the wearer’s knowledge of self-love and where they came from. Knowing that certain things in us are genetics but at the same time understanding where our heart’s truly beat. Love can be good, love can be bad; however, we need to let ourselves be free so we can love wholeheartedly. This collection centrally builds on the JAECI brand story - to inspire people to lose their mind so they can find their soul and have supernatural courage through life in love.  % of proceeds will give back to the American Heart Association

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Share a picture wearing this jewelry on your social media and hashtag #jaeci #voiceoftheweb -- together we can make an impact and remember that life is about living and helping others.

Stainless Steel, 30" chain with adjustable clasp, lead, and nickel free.



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