Our Story


How Did JAECI Start You Ask?

Well, the company was founded in 2011, by designer Jenna Consiglio. She is an entrepreneurial design junkie & genius with a creative prowess. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with AIH (auto-immune hepatitis) and because of this her outlook on life changed for the better. She realized that no one knows what hand they are going to be dealt in life, but that we are all on a journey to better ourselves and others.

Jenna wanted to make a difference and for people to be inspired to believe in their dreams and inner weirdness so she created an inspirational, graphic jewelry line known as, JAECI.

The name stands for the initials of her first and last name spelled out with an Italian twist with the acronym “Journey. Aim. Experience. Create. Inspire.” By staying true to yourself, anything in life is possible because life is what you make of it. In this world of ours, we are all connected and she is here to simply inspire others to believe in themselves, to find their passion in life and to be trendy—all while still at an affordable cost.

Jenna is an Aquarius who loves a challenge and has been told she is the smartest dumb person you will ever meet. She is a problem solver who enjoys figuring out how things work and hunting for new trends. She believe's in working hard, positivity, staying humble and the Good Lord himself. When she is not working on jewelry designs, she has her hands and mind on other projects. If that is not the case then she is most likely having an Italian dinner with friends and family, at a concert, walking her dog, visiting/trying something new or watching a movie. She enjoy's a deep conversation with factual information, all things creative, Mexican food, the word “what?” and a good laugh. Her dream job (besides the one she has), is to be a professional people-watcher. Jenna love's being inspired by others and hearing their life stories so please reach out and say hi!


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